Our Services

Bihani will provide the services listed below focusing broadly on Social Activities, Health & Wellbeing and Organisational which will capitalise the potential of the clients who take it. These services will focus on:

  • Social Activities which will get like-minded or maybe not so like-minded people together through interactions, book clubs, movie clubs, performing arts, internet literacy etc.
  • Health & Wellbeing Services which will be on demand and might include getting appointments fixed with the doctors, physiotherapy, massage, spa etc. based on the client’s need
  • Organisational Services which will include income generation, networking and volunteering activities. Clients can get involved in activities such as delivering workshops, talks, sessions, counseling, selling their products and services etc. depending on their expertise, volunteering if interested and enterprise development

Pilot Services: To start with, Bihani will offer the six pilot services mentioned below from August 2013:

  1. Movie Club
  2. Interactions and Discussions
  3. Music, Art and Performing Arts
  4. Organisational Services
  5. Literature Club
  6. Internet Literacy Classes

(The rates/ special packages and discounts available for the services will be shared on request.)

These services are based on the highest interest generated from the potential clients we contacted as part of our research. All our clients will have the option of signing up for a service or services:

  • Once a Week = 4 events/ month
  • Fortnightly = 2 events/ month
  • Monthly = 1 event/ month

 Services on Demand: New services will be introduced periodically according to the demands and needs of our members.

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