Bihani’s social enterprise model is designed around the intersection of innovative business service/products and non-profit impact. We categorize our services as either (1) Organizational, (2) Social, or (3) Health & Rehabilitation. We offer these services under a for-profit model for individuals/families, organizations and businesses.

Examples of some of our social business services include home-based visits to older clients, caregivers trainings for groups or individuals working in geriatric care, and bazaars exposing local entrepreneurs.

Our non-profit components allow us to extend our work with our social impact partners who are staff or and residents/ clients of old age homes and elderly day care centres; Mata Tirtha Old Age Home, Hope Hermitage Elderly Care Centre and Himalaya Old Age Home, through our ‘Wrinkles & Smiles’ program.


  • Person/Family Centric Approach – We see client/members and their family “as equal partners in planning, developing and monitoring care to make sure it meets their needs. This means putting people and their families at the centre of decision making” (Health Innovation Network South London).
  • Holistic Approach – We design innovative services that meets holistic needs of elders in our community