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From Left to Right: Santoshi Rana – Bihani Social Venture, Ram Thapa – Matatirtha Old Home & Pramila Bajracharya – Hope Hermitage Nepal

As part of Bihani Social Venture’s endeavour to work for the betterment of all elders in our community, a formal Agreement was signed between The Hope Hermitage Nepal and Matatirtha Old Age Home to work together as Social Partners on 24 June 2015. Post the 2015 earthquake and subsequent aftershocks these two old age homes needed the support that Bihani provides even more.

As of now, we provide a support system to a total of 79+ elders in three old age homes in the Kathmandu Valley through activities focused on improvement of physical, social and psychological health as well as helping facilitate new income generation opportunities.

Hope Hermitage Nepal

Hope Hermitage Nepal (HHN), a voluntary non- profit making social organization registered with the government of Nepal and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council, is established with the commitment to work for Senior Citizens of Nepal. HHN is an initiation and commitment of several well experienced people who are dedicated to put efforts in making the life of elderly or senior citizens better. HHN program is focused on promotion and wellbeing of senior citizens through facilitating care, support through motivational program intervention that gives a healthy and fulfilling social life so that they can live a dignified life.” 


  • Our Impact – 20 elders who have been housed in the premises post EQ after being discharged from the hospitals  and many suffering from Dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Trauma. The elders here either have nowhere to go or need a place to recuperate before they can be sent home requiring constant attention – both medical as well as otherwise. Bihani team visits on a (WEEKLY/MONTHLY) basis and has provided sessions including (1) (2) an (3).

Matatirtha Old Age Home

“Established in 1997, Matatirtha Old Age Home Committee provides shelter to any female citizens of Nepal over 60 years of age; of any ethnicity or religion, and those who are needy, without shelter, without guardians and in need of care and attention. It provides shelter to those who have been recommended by the concerned bodies for shelter at the Residence and those who commit to abide by the rules and regulations of the residence committee. Apart from food, shelter, and clothing the residence provide health services and religious and entertainment programs for the residents as well as make arrangements for the cremation of any of the residents upon their demise.”


  • Our Impact – 22 Elders in Matatirtha Old Age Home (the oldest resident being 102 years old) all abandoned by their families or rescued from the streets. Bihani team visits on a (WEEKLY/MONTHLY) basis and has provided sessions including (1) (2) an (3).

Himalaya Old Age Home


  • Our Impact – 30 Residents. Bihani team visits on a (WEEKLY/MONTHLY) basis and has provided sessions including (1) (2) an (3).

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