We define impact as the direct and indirect beneficiaries of our services and benefits.    

Total Impact since 2013

Home Based/ In house Classes: 40 individuals excluding the group sessions, Tai Chi/ Qigong: 100+35+30 =165

70 Health Activities and sessions with an average of 20 attendees per session

120 Elders benefit by getting discounts in more than 95 outlets such as pharmacies, hospital, retail, restaurant etcetera

100 Social Activities for elders and individuals such as music, interactions, trips/ outings etcetera

75 Organisational Services Activities creating markets, networking and support for local entrepreneurs

Wrinkles & Smiles: Matatirtha (23), Hope Hermitage (30), Elderly Prison Inmates through Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal-PA Nepal (115) & Himalaya Old Age Home (40) – Total: 208
Enterprises supported – 36
Partnership created to benefit elders – 100+
Interns; volunteers; exchange participants – 138
Internal staff/ team trained46
Caregivers/ Staff trained – 50
Informal caregivers/family/members supported – 150