Of Hopes & Dreams – Post 25 April 2015 EQ

The earthquake of April 25, 2015 in Nepal created massive destruction with a loss of lives and livelihoods, affecting over more than 8000 people and households. As an effort to mitigate and alleviate the situation of the affected populations, Bihani Social Venture (www.bihani.com.np) has taken up the responsibility of adopting interventions targeted at Relief, Recovery and Rehabilitation in whatever way possible. Mentioned below are some of our efforts which have been possible because of our well wishers, friends, family and supporters.

BW Thread Ahead Project

Of Hopes & Dreams: Bhotechaur VDC, Sindhupalchowk – 30 April 2015

Bhotechaur Relief – 1st Phase – 3 May 2015

Matatirtha Old Age Home Visit – 6 May 2015

Materials for Bhotechaur – 8 May 2015

Bhotechaur Relief & Interaction – 2nd Phase – 9 May 2015

Visit to Bhotechaur to discuss Low Cost Bamboo House – 5 June 2015

Need Assessment for Psycho Social Support at Hope Hermitage Nepal – 15 June 2015

Isha Foundation Yoga – 16 June 2015

Introduction to Psycho Social Support by IsraAid – 22 June 205

Interaction and visit to Matatirtha Old Age Home with students of KU – 29 June 2015

PSS: Ways of coping with Trauma, 2nd Session by IsraAid – 3 July 2015

Dolakha, Magapauwa 4 – Visit with Relief – 11 July

15 July 2015: Reconnecting Pieces Session by AIESEC Kathmandu at Bihani Social Venture

Reconnecting Pieces: Bianca Paul

PSS: Final Session with IsraAid – 16 July 2015

Thanks from Hope Hermitage and Matatirtha Old Age Home – 23 July 2015

“BW Thread ahead” Project – 2 August Handover at AIESEC Global Village, Started 5 August 2015

Tai Chi & Grocery Handover – Hope Hermitage: 10 September

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