Bihani: (noun) morning, beginning of a new day

Established in 2013, Bihani Social Venture is Nepal’s first social enterprise relentlessly working to foster age and disability inclusive communities focusing on older adults. To promote a society inclusive of elders, Bihani offers innovative and diverse services and activities. Our primary focus is on individuals above the age of 50 (however not limited to it) while our secondary focus is on families, institutions and organisations who directly or indirectly work or interact with elders. 

Bihani emphasises that Social Prescription (as promoted by England’s National Health System –NHS and some countries globally) improves health and well-being as proven by the experiences we have gathered. To promote a society inclusive of elders, Bihani offers innovative and diverse services and activities related to health, social engagement and participation, and organisational development promote the formation of new bonds and exchange of knowledge/ capacities across generations.

Our main focus is on individuals who want to re-engage, re–explore and re–live or simply continue living a rewarding second half of their lives. Our secondary focus is on institutions, organisations and individuals, to raise awareness and sensitise regarding the context of shifting demography/ changing population trend and the diverse issues that may be associated with ageing; disability, social isolation, among others.

Our Objectives

To address the issues of loneliness, dependency, and loss of confidence due to retirement, relocation, health status or family member’s migration or busy lifestyle, through social engagement activities

To create platforms where our elders can contribute their skills, expertise and economically participate through linkage with
bazaars, like-minded organisations, companies and individuals

To address ageist stereotypes and create awareness on the changing demographics, the need for positive outlook to active ageing, and to promote age friendly communities where we want to age in

Core Beliefs

  • Elders’ experiences are valuable to make a difference in our communities
  • Human touch is powerful and everyone deserves to be loved and feel worthy
  • Need-based person-centric/family-centric approach is useful for targeted and efficient outcomes