Organizational Services

Organisational services include income generation, networking and volunteering activities as well as Supporting & Enhancing the Skills, Knowledge, Needs & Interests of Elders

  • Individual/Organisational support system for members/partners/elders to develop their ventures
  • Creation of a platform for networking, innovation and renovation of local products
  • Promotion of local producers to generate income by creating markets for them
  • Promotion and marketing for entrepreneurs/ producers or providing volunteering opportunities
  • Maintaining a Blog or Journal
  • Provide guidance, knowledge; Transfer skills and knowledge; Explore interests/ hobbies through events and enterprise development
  • Showcase or market their products/ services through organizing bazaar events
  • Consultant Services to Organizations working in the field of Ageing

Organisations/Enterprises Supported Through Enterprise Development

The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco-Foundation (KRMEF)

Baked n’ Fresh

Ibasho Nepal

Timmur Restaurant and Bar

Apeiron Nepal