BW Thread Ahead Project


Started in collaboration with Bihani Social Venture and the Bold Women Organisation, ‘BW’ stands for ‘Bold Woman’ reflecting the names and values of the co-founders, Bianca Paul and Waeza Masnoon. The mission is to empower the local entrepreneurs/ small scale producers or help in starting a venture by helping out those within Bihani’s network of organisations/ partners/ individuals.

BW & Bihani Partnership

  • Bihani will be the local liaison, implementing and monitoring partner of the project
  • BW & Bihani will maintain marketing in Nepal as well as abroad along with creating  promotion materials
  • The sewing machines will be brought locally under the supervision of BW-thread ahead

How the “BW Thread ahead” project works

  • The recipients will have to pay back the total price of the machine based on the agreement
  • The amount collected from the payments will be used to buy new machines which will be given to the organization that needs it the most or to a new one, after discussion with everyone involved
  • Involving all the stakeholders (the recipients and partners) in the decision making will make everyone involved responsible
  • Therefore, the aim is to create a revolving fund which will continue impacting more organisations/ entrepreneurs/ individuals in the long run ensuring sustainability of the project
  • The activities undertaken will focus on income generation, sustainability and the involvement of elderly individuals to give them a platform to re – engage, re – explore and re – live as per Bihani’s vision

The Recipients of the 1st lot of Four Sewing Machines on 2 July 2015

  1. Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes (KHN Dyes) – given 1 Machine. Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes (KHN Dyes) was initially started by a group of five women trained by Business Service Centre (BSC) in natural dyeing; who decided to set up a venture in 2009 not only to establish themselves but all to help the community in Kakani. During their journey, they also became the recipient of the first ever Nepalese Award for Social Entrepreneurs, The Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award in 2012 recognising them for their efforts in using natural dyes instead of chemicals, utilising the wastes from the community forest in Kakani along with empowering women in our community.  The aim of KHN Dyes is to be a social venture in all aspects not only as a business but also by impacting socially/ environmentally in all ways we can.
  2.  The Kevin Rohan Memorial Eco Foundation(KRMEF) – given 2 Machines. The principles at the heart of KRMEF are centered around their vision for Kevin to become a holistic, biodynamic, and socially responsible individual. The projects at KRMEF are meant to provide others the opportunities that Kevin was never able to have, and has inspired us to launch the foundation as a center for teaching others. The mission of KRMEF is to foster health and well-being in Nepal’s most impoverished communities by encouraging sustainable change through environmentally friendly programs. We act as an education center for local people, allowing them opportunities to build productivity, cooperation and wellness for their own communities, launching Nepal into a future where sustainable, eco-friendly living is possible.
  3. Bihani Social Venture  given 1 Machine. Bihani will be keeping one machine in its premises or handing it over to a member and will be responsible for the use of the machine as well as the payment.

Contact Details:

BW: Waeza Masnoon – / Bianca Paul –

Bihani: Santoshi Rana –


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