Year 2014

11 January 2014, Open Bazaar, Embassy Restaurant, Lazimpat

16 January 2014, Kathmandu Post 

17 January 2014, Musical Event, Namlo Gardens Restaurant, Bakundole 

18 January 2014, The Himalayan Times – A Fun Evening with the Elderly  

23 January 2014, The Himalayan Times 

28th Jan 2014, Musical Event, Namlo Gardens resturant, Bakundole

31st Jan 2014,  End Of The Month Market, Prithvi Café,Kupondole Height

15th Feb 2014, Open Bazaar Embassy Restaurant, Lazimpat

28th Feb 2014, Health Event, Health @ home, Baneshwor

22nd March 2014, Magic Show, Namlo Gardens, Bakhundole

28th March 2014, End Of The Month Prithvi Café, Kupondole Height

29th March 2014, ECS Friday – Starting A Spring Fling. Carnival, Shanker Hotel

5th April 2014, Open Bazaar, Embassy Resturant,Kupondole Height 

25th April 2014- Audio Book, Prithvi Cafe, Kupondole Height

3rd May 2014, Open Bazaar on the Anniversary of Café Mitini, Cafe Mitini

9th May 2014, Health exercise, Namlo Gardens Restaurant, Bakhundole

17th May 2014, Open  Bazaar, Embassy Resturant, Lazimpat

23rd May 2014, Indoor Games, Namlo Gardens Restaurant Bakhundole,

30th May 2014, End Of The Market,Prithvi  Café, Kupondole Height

31st May 2014, Open Bazaar and Pulchowk Cricket, Pulchowk

13th June 2014, Tai Chi Event, Namlo Gardens Restaurant, Bakhundole

21st June 2014, Musical Event, Namlo Gardens Restaurant,Bakhundole

5th July 2014, Zumba, Namlo Gardens Restaurant,Bakhundole

19th July 2014, Marketing Event, Prithvi  Café, Kupondole Height

July 2014, WOW Magazine – Fulfilling Dreams After 50 Over A Cup Of Coffee.

16th August 2014, Republica- Anniversary of Bihani and Documentary Screening, Embassy Restaurant, Lazimpat 

23rd August 2014, Teej Event, Namlo Gardens Resturant, Bakhundole

6th September 2014- Benefits of Massage As You Age, Seeing Hands Clinic, Bakhundole

26th September 2014,Dashain Bazaar, Prithvi Cafe, Kupondole Height

27th September 2014, Musical Event, Amatya’s Kitchen, Jhamsikhel 

31st October 2014, Open Prithvi Bazaar, Prithvi  Café, Kupondole Height

22nd November 2014, Field Visit to Everest Tea Garden, Sindhupalchowk

29th November 2014, The Kathmandu Post, Babarmahal Revisited Bazaar,  Babarmahal 

4th Dec 2014, Group discussion on issue of elderly in Nepal, Bihani’s Office  

10th Dec 2014, Interaction session, Kuleshor Jestha Nagarik Milan Kendra, Kuleshor  

13th December 2014, Christmas Bazaar, Tamarind, Jhamsikhel 

20th December 2014, Christmas Bazaar ,Embassy Resturant, Lazimpat

31st December 2014, Trip to Kevin Rohan Memorial Foundation, Kharare

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