Year 2020

13th February 2020 Bihani Social Venture: Elderly care as an enterprise

11th April 2020 Chit Chat with Psychologist focussing on issues related with the lockdown and pandemic

13th April 2020 Bihani’s effort to foster age and disability inclusive communities focusing on older adults

19th April 2020 Spiritual Care & Healing focussing on self care especially during the lockdown

19th 2020 Yoga for Elder Series

23rd April 2020 Yoga for Elderly II

28th April 2020 Tai Chi for Elders Series

30th April 2020 Menstrual Cycle: Understanding Menstrual problems and taking care of self or others Online Tai chi session for elders

7th May 2020 Looking After Your Heart and Lungs

5th May 2020 Understanding Dementia & Alzheimer’s: Caregiving & Support

13th May Yoga for Elderly III

15th May 2020 Dealing with Trauma with focus on the Pandemic: Knowing your Coping Mechanism Through BASIC-Ph

13th May 2020 Unlearn, Learn & Re-learn Session on Connecting with Self, Community and the Environment

22nd May 2020 Issues faced by Elders with specific reference to FAQs related to COVID-19

10th June 2020 Son to that of a Caregiver

15th June 2020 World elderly Abuse Awareness Day

21st June 2020 International Day of Yoga with Parool Beriwal