Boo-Best grandmother in the world ♥️

We call our grandmother “Boo”. When my eldest sister was small, she used to call her “Boo”, we still don’t know why she decided to call her that. Since then, friends, their friends, everyone who knows us – call her “Boo”. And if anyone asks us who our favourite person is, I have no doubt that all of us will have the same answer – it will be her, our dearest grandmother.

Cardinal Mermillod said, “A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.” But in our case, it’s Boo (Sorry mom). When our parents were working, Boo took care of us. From cooking to bathing, from feeding to scolding, she did it all. That is why she is the person I love the most. She has the kindest of hearts and doesn’t hold any grudges. We have some small disagreements and fights once in a while and even if it was our fault, she would never get angry. She still takes care of us as if we were 5 year olds because that is how mothers feel. When I go back home, I always give Boo a kiss. She gets irritated sometimes but eventually she’d smile, and that sight is priceless. Her smile can lighten my mood no matter what. I love her.

Post dedicated by our dearest team member Ritchie Alex Sampson to his and our beloved Boo