Tara Devi Shrestha

“मलाई हिसाब गर्न मनपर्छ। तिमीहरु आउँदा रमाइलो लाग्छ! (I like solving mathematical calculations and enjoy when you all visit me)!” – Tara Devi Shrestha, 73 years old

Tara Devi Shrestha Aama (Mother) feels happy to solve mathematical calculations and play with numbers. “Although numerical calculations can sharpen your mind, not limiting her skills in mathematics and engaging her in various social interventions like digital games, mobility exercises, capacitar techniques, and more has helped Aama improve her cognition and behavior”, says Chandan Shrestha, Aama’s son.

With Aama’s long-standing history of health issues, her son sought for interventions through Bihani’s Home Based Services and it gives us immense pleasure to witness positive changes in her. We designed the interventions together with her son, who is the primary caregiver based on Client/ Patient Centered Care (PCC) approach while keeping Aama in the center of the decision making process and considering her interests as well as the best possible outcomes.

According to National Health Service (NHS), Personalised care is where people have more choice and control over how their health and care needs are met. It recognises people as someone who themselves can sometimes be the best integrators of health and care, and supports themselves to live as independently as they wish.Read more: http://tiny.cc/3iooiz

Positive changes in her overall sense of well-being have been evident after her routinely sessions with Bihani. Aama has been carrying out her activities of daily living (ADL) herself and has also been engaged in various events and activities of Bihani recently with support of her son. “The sessions and visits with Aama have been able to give a sense of wellbeing to both my mother and me.”

The improvement in Aama and the elders/ individuals we work with always encourages us to give our best and provide much more needed interventions for both the caregivers and the care receivers.