Susmriti Tamang, Health & Rehabilitation Coordinator and Taichi Instructor

“My Chinese Wushu Laoshi (teacher) used to say that Tai Chi is great if we begin before we develop a chronic illness or functional limitations. However, that being said, I would say, irrespective of the stage of life you are in – Tai Chi is also a feeling or ability to strengthen the connections between your mind and body, which can help you move through life with greater awareness. You may or may not enjoy the forms of Tai Chi as it takes time to learn, but I believe that you will enjoy it when you practice it with all your heart and feel for it. Practicing Tai Chi is very safe, does not require fancy equipment and very easy to get started with basic beautiful moves. Being the first online Tai chi session today, I was overwhelmed with the response of the attendees would followed my instructions with such interest and passion. Elders like them inspire individuals like me to continue practicing my passion of Tai Chi and using it in contributing towards the health and wellbeing of not just myself, but others around me.” – Susmriti Bomjan Tamang

Tai Chi offers many advantages to seniors and various research portrays the benefits of Tai Chi like improved balance, prevention of fall, pain management, and improvement of cognitive function in people with and without chronic conditions, sleep quality and enhanced immune system.

Keeping in mind the benefits of Tai Chi, despite technical glitches we were able to successfully complete our first online Tai Chi session for our Members, elders and their family. It was inspiring for us to watch our elders learn and practice with interest. Our heartfelt thanks to all our attendees and Susmriti Tamang, Bihani’s Health and Rehabilitation Coordinator & Tai Chi Instructor.

Anyone is free to contact us if interested in such sessions, esp. for themselves or elders in their family. Call, direct message or comment below if you want to join. We will limit seats for every session to focus on quality.

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