Shamma Rahman, AIESEC Exchange Participant

“I am currently working as a Digital Media Planning Specialist for an advertising agency called Starcom Worldwide, Bangladesh. I love the fact that I get to work for multiple brands and plan out different campaigns and it gives me immense joy to see them getting executed. I worked as a Volunteer in Bihani Social Venture during August and September of 2016. Thapa Hari Uncle, an active member of Bihani has been a very special person to me.”

“Till this day, I am still in contact with him. We wish each other on special occasions like birthdays and festivals. His stories about his time in the military and his family are unforgettable. While I was working in Bihani, I had expressed my interest in working in Marketing. That was when Santoshi Rana Di, the founder of Bihani told me about the rising demand of Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). I was so intrigued about it that after I came back, I started looking into it seriously. Soon after, I got an opportunity to work for a Digital Marketing agency.”- Shamma Rahman, AIESEC Exchange Participant, Bangladesh