Resource Center

In Nepal, the pomelo tree is a central gathering spot for members of the community to relax, share experiences and connect with peers. We like to think of Bihani’s office as a pomelo tree for elders, a space where elders can visit and call their own. At our office, they can relax, read a book, interact, surf the net, or watch a movie.

Just as we provide resources for our elders, our elder’s wisdom and experience is our greatest asset. We seek to be a center for them to showcase their skills, knowledge and talents whether through promoting sessions for them to lead or facilitating networking opportunities for them to partner with like-minded organizations.

  • Initiatives such as: Elders as Change Agents, Youth Elders Speak, Learning from Mistakes provides a platform for inter-generational learning and sharing or knowledge transfer
  • Resource Pool of Elders – Focusing on the skills and knowledge of our members and creating their profiles as experts so their expertise is accessible to individuals and organisations of all levels and areas

Let us know if you are an elder who would like to lead a session — past examples include cooking classes, interview techniques, etc. — or if you are an organization seeking to benefit from our resource pool of elder’s wisdom!