Senior Citizen Act 2063 (2006)

Source: Nepal Law Commission (नेपाल कानून आयोग)

1. Short title, extension and commencement

2. Definitions

3. To respect senior citizens

4. Maintenance and care of senior citizen

5. Petition by senior citizen

6. To deal property exclusively

7. Power to procure service

8. Prohibition on engaging for begging

9. Facilities and concessions

10. Priority and representation in lawsuits

11. Priority to be given in acts

12. Power to rebate sentence of imprisonment

13. Formation of central senior citizen welfare committee

14. Functions, duties and powers of Central Senior Citizen Welfare Committee

15. Formation of District Senior Citizen Welfare Committee

16. Functions, duties and powers of District Senior Citizen Welfare Committee

17. Senior citizen welfare fund

18. Accounts and audit

19. To prepare records

20. Establishment and operation of care centre or day service centre

21. To give information

22. Cremation

23. Provisions relating to property

24. May provide allowance or facility

25. To provide identity card

26. Punishment

27. Power to try and settle case at first instance

28. Appeal

29. Government to be the Plaintiff

30. Power to give direction

31. Report to be submitted

32. Power to frame Rules and Bye-laws