Roy Chao, AIESEC Exchange Participant

“Three years ago, I visited Nepal from Taiwan for 42 days for my AIESEC exchange experience and volunteered with Bihani Social Venture , as an activity designer and developed the “Youth Elders Speak or the YES series” I am happy to know that Bihani has been continuing the series. My dream job is really anything that gives me the opportunity to travel and these days I am working with Darchiu Travel Service where I guide Taiwanese people to travel to the Philippines. I love my job. It’s cool and I have lots of chance to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Working with Bihani impacted me a lot personally and has helped me professionally as well.” Roy Chao, Taiwan.

The YES (Youth Elders Speak) initiative was conceptualised by Roy Chao while in Bihani as AIESEC Nepal‘s exchange participant from Taiwan with the objective of ensuring inter-generational interactions. A platform through which the elders and youth can learn as well as teach each other, ultimately creating wonderful memories and fruitful meetings.