Re - Engage, Re - Explore, Re - Live

Nepal's first/ only social enterprise working in the field of ageing.

Road Ahead

The next phase of work as part of our strategy for scaling our impact and services includes:

  • Going beyond our current focus area of Kathmandu valley and replicating in other parts of Nepal
  • Research and documentation of the work we have been doing
  • Evaluation and Analysis of our work
  • Strengthening the profiling of the resource pool of elder experts we have created
  • Creating a bigger reach in terms of our events and services
  • Designing Geriatric Assessment tool specific to Nepal
  • Designing and implementing elder specific first aid tools
  • Creating handouts or information relevant for elders, their families or caregivers
  • Creating more innovative solutions focusing on holistic support system for elders and their families
  • Continue partnering with relevant organisations in Nepal and abroad

The most help needed to scale up are:

  • Mentorship/ Knowledge/ Expertise
  • Networking
  • Promotion of our work
  • Resources which will help us move forward in the right manner

If successful in the next five – 10 years we would have:

  • Established Bihani as one of the frontrunners in the field of ageing not just in Nepal but globally through exemplary work/ outcomes
  • Replicated and increased our outreach in Nepal and abroad
  • Documented the work we have been doing as an integral contribution to addressing the issues related to ageing
  • Created a very strong network of experts and organisations to create a support system for elders
  • Replicated innovative ideas from across the world for the benefit of elders
  • Worked in creating a community based support system or created communities as family
  • Continued with what we are doing on a more effective and larger scale
  • Created ageing related tools in context of Nepal


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