Regina Rajbanshi

My parents are most of the time happy. They find happiness in small things. They may be happier because age means that they are “more comfortable being themselves.” My mother finds happiness when her plants bloom in the garden and my father finds happiness in cooking food and we giving positive comments on his recipes. This inspires me, because we as the younger generation, want everything to be perfect and small things don’t usually make us happy. When our neighbors visits and admires the flowers in the garden my mother gets filled with happiness. Similarly, when we say that the food tastes really good, my father in excitement says “I will try some new recipe tomorrow”. Seeing them happy in small things inspires me to live a simple life because at the end all that matters is “happiness”.

My parents are in their late 40s but they wake up earlier than me. In the morning, my father goes for jogging and my mother does yoga. And what I do in the morning is sleep until 8am. Young people like me must be inspired from energetic elders like my parents and those who wake up early and exercise. My mother is a very strong women who never gives up in bad times and stands by my father in every step of his life. They both are equally important in my life. Their kindness inspires me as they never say or think bad about others. It is from them I learnt never to lie. Despite their age, they are very actively involved in all the household work. Both of them practice sustainable farming and I get to eat organic because of my parents. Whenever I ask them to quit sustainable farming they say that they enjoy involving themselves in farming. It is a way to engage their time and minds in something. It refreshes their mind and keeps them physically fit.

My parents make the most of their spare time. Had it been us we would use that time either using social media, watching movies or sleeping. But, they try to utilize their spare time making it effective. My father involves himself in making bamboo decorations or watering plants or vegetables. My parents always supports me taking part in extracurricular activities. I am thankful to God that they have always respected my interests in singing, painting and playing table tennis. They are very broad minded though they are not highly qualified in terms of education. This inspires me not to be judgmental towards others and their opinions.

When I look at my Parents , they inspire me to never waste my valuable time, be kind, love others, be happy, never underestimate your talents and that age is just a number.