Prasanna, Programme Officer

Grandmother – Granddaughter Post


“A grandma is warm hugs and sweet memories. She remembers all of your accomplishments and forgets all of your mistakes.”

Chandra Limbu Boju (Grandmother) who I consider my Aama (Mother) is like a one woman army – strong, brave and independent. She has achieved everything on her own through her hard work and she is my biggest inspiration. My boju has played an integral part in who I am today and I cannot thank her enough. Though my maternal grandmother, I consider her my mother since she has brought me up as her own child. There have been times when I have behaved or spoken rudely with my Boju but she has always been forgiving – loving me unconditionally. Boju is someone who has always been generous and helpful towards others, never expecting anything in return. I have never been vocal about my gratitude or love for you Boju but – Today is a very important day for me and all I want to say is – thank you for everything and sorry for everything/ every time I have been wrong – Happy birthday to my dearest Aama (Boju), I love you


– Prasanna Chamling Rai, Programme Officer, Bihani Social Venture