Parool Beriwal, Professional Yoga Instructor

“Yoga as a whole is very vast, it has “Ashta- Anga”. It is said, to practice Yoga one has to follow all the 8 parts however, even if one practices just 2 parts of it – ‘Asana’ and ‘Pranayama’ it has an immense impact on our physical and psychological wellbeing. It helps one think positively and feel fit and active which is the need of all the time but more during this Pandemic where the whole world is suffering and has created a lot of fear in the air. It gives me a magical sense of satisfaction to share my knowledge and the lockdown has given me an opportunity to explore online sessions. At the starting of my sessions online, I was more engaged with the younger crowd until I received a call from one of my elder Yoga practitioner asking me to help him revise the session I conducted in July 2019 through Bihani Social Venture, it made me think deeper of how much more it is important to connect with the elders on this. The younger generation has multiple sources and is so tech savvy that they are self-sufficient in a lot of spheres whereas the access is limited for the elders. There may be thousands of Yoga Videos available online or even classes but not enough for elders. I am grateful to be a part of the sessions and I couldn’t have utilised myself any better for this society during this lockdown.” – Parool Beriwal

We successfully accomplished conducting two online session for elders at home. It was inspiring for us to watch our elders learn with interest and passion. Our heartfelt thanks to all our attendees and Parool who has completed her beginners Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC) from the Sri Sri School Of Yoga located at the Art of Living International Center and pursued advanced YTTC from Yoga Vidya Gurukul.

Anyone is free to contact us if interested in such sessions, esp. for themselves or elders in their family. Call, direct message or comment below if you want to join. We will limit seats for every session to focus on quality.

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