Our Social Partners

From Left to Right: Santoshi Rana – Bihani Social Venture, Ram Thapa – Matatirtha Old Home & Pramila Bajracharya – Hope Hermitage Nepal

As part of Bihani Social Venture’s endeavour to work for the betterment of elders/ seniors in all ways possible, on 24 June 2015 a formal Agreement was signed between The Hope Hermitage Nepal and Matatirtha Old Age Home to work together as Social Partners. Post the earthquake/ aftershocks since 25 April 2015 these two homes for Seniors/ Elders need the support that Bihani can provide all the more. Besides the work we do, we will also be ensuring that our social partners benefit from us and through each other in whatever way they can.

We will be providing a support system to the elders in both the homes which has a total of 40+ members through activities for the betterment of physical as well as mental well being along with income generation and sustainability programmes :

  • The Hope Hermitage – 20 elders who have been housed in the premises post EQ after being discharged from the hospitals  and many suffering from Dementia, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and Trauma. The elders here either have nowhere to go or need a place to recuperate before they can be sent home requiring constant attention – both medical as well as otherwise
  •  22 Elders in Matatirtha Old Age Home (the oldest resident being 102 years old) all abandoned by their families or rescued from the streets.

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