Neuropsychiatry Camp for Residents of Himalaya Old Age Home

21 February 2020, Friday

Himalaya Oldage Home is one of Bihani Social Venture’s social impact partners, working in the field of ageing.  Senior citizens from various districts reside at Himalaya Old Age Home at Gongabu, Kathmandu.  Bihani conducts social engagement activities with the elderly to positively impact their lives. The caretakers of the old age home have been trained by Bihani in elderly care and support.

Addressing the need of mental health issue at the old age home, Bihani Social Venture conducted Neuropsychiatry Camp for the residents at Himalaya Oldage Home supported by Dr. Raman Koirala, Neuropsychiatrist.

Dr. Raman Koirala, MD has been trained in Neuropsychiatry for 3 years from PGIMER, India. He has specialized in Consultation-liaison psychiatry, palliative care, emergency psychiatry, Dementia, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychotherapies, Addiction, Relapse prevention therapies and Motivation therapies. He has been involved in care of long term rehabilitation and recovery model of critically ill patients and in palliative care of terminally ill patient.

A total of 21 people were examined, out of which 19 were residents at Himalaya Old age Home whereas, 2 were the caretakers of the old age home.  The participants consisted of 14 females and 7 males with an average age of 67.19 years. Some of the diagnoses psychotic illness, hypertension, MCI, dementia, speech and communication disorder, dysthymia, cognitive impairment, osteoarthritis, hearing impairment and backache. It was found that the residents required medication for various health issues.  The overall objective of examining the residents at Himalaya Oldage Home to identify neuropsychiatry disorder was met. Bihani is thankful to Dr. Raman Koirala for his generosity and support in the camp to bring about awareness regarding mental health of the residents at the old age home. We express our sincere thanks to Dr. Koirala and the teams involved and wish to expand our working areas with involvement of the elderly.