Grandmother’s Facebook: Mrs. Leela Thapa Magar

“Hajuraama ko Facebook” (Grandmother’s Facebook) is a poem written by one of our Bihani Saathi Ko Saathi & Resource Pool Members Mrs. Leela Thapa expressing her feeling on the importance of the relationship between family members and keeping the love alive.

She shares how she is trying to learn and use Facebook and other social media applications to build a bond between her family members. This poem also highlights how technology has ironically created a distance with everyone being occupied on their phones/ laptops etc. while also bringing everyone closer through easy connectivity.

Picture Courtesy: Mrs. Leela Thapa’s Facebook Page

 In my mother’s free time
She has hugged me.
My father has
Protected me in his arms in times of danger
In my husband’s loving embrace I have looked for love and affection.
The bright doors of possibilities
With the days I faced
Slowly slowly became shorter
Spent enjoying with the cows in the cow shed
In the jungle and the woodland distressed
All those hopes and dreams of youth
Transitioned into memories just like that.
Mother-father who have left
Grew further and further distant
With the daughter in this present
Learnt to read the verses
With the new generation’s grand daughter
Learnt to use Facebook
Learnt to compose messages.
The fertile years of life gone by
Are always treasured in my heart
I am trying to use Facebook,
Trying to connect my family.
To the future generation
I have to pass on values
Through the medium and the milestone of Facebook
Need to bind my family with the chain of love.
With the unbreakable bond of Whatsapp and Viber
I am trying to create a bond.
My gift of older age
Is this only to the new generation.