Megh Ranjani Rai, Bihani Member, Technical Specialist DRR & Emergency Response

#LockdownMemories – This is a picture of my mum, my daughter in law and me in Bangalore, three generations playing rummy and guess the fiercest player – my mum who is 93 years old. It has been interesting getting to spend time with my mum, she is doing well, watches the news regularly and has her own suggestions on how the government can work better. She also checks the gold and dollar rate every day.My mum has also taken over the role of grandmother in law, I have no say in the matter and she has been passing down recipes to my obedient daughter in law. It is always a great experience being around my mum, she is an integral part of our lives, always inspiring everyone around!

All of us in the family no matter where everyone is located, have been video conferencing and trying our best to be in touch with each other. I am stuck in the present situation during which, I am trying my best to spend time meaningfully and amazingly enough I have been compiling simple recipes based on my daily cooking. I have not repeated the menu in the last three weeks, 21 days of different food items which I plan to publish sometime. I have been keeping myself busy with DIY activities (soap cloud in the photo is one of them), doing some simple yoga in the morning and trying to adapt to my sedentary life by devising a contingency plan. I am planning to start a business, laying the groundwork for my future, now that I cannot go for any emergency response and last but not the least, I am planning to enroll in a distance learning programme.

I would like to tell everyone to, keep safe and please wear a mask, drink hot water and contribute in whatever way you can to feeding the needy, even if you cannot meet them physically, you can support through someone, i did for 10 ration packets. – Megh Rai, Bihani Saathi Ko Saathi & Resource Pool Member, Technical Specialist DRR & Emergency Response

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