Mariana Recfer, AIESEC Exchange Participant

Mariana Recfer from Brazil, who is currently living in Spain, was a part of Bihani as an AIESEC Exchange Participant for 1.5 months in 2016.

“I learned a lot during my time in Bihani! I’m still talking about you, everything is still fresh in my memories. I remember the conversations I had with Santoshi teaching me about ageing, social organisations and how a social enterprise works. One of the best days I had, was when Jam (Pimchanok Wanmanomai, another AIESECer from Thailand) and I donated some things to Matatirtha Old Age Home. The residents were overjoyed and hugged us, they prayed for our successful future and gave us blessings. It was truly special for me. “

“With Bihani, I learned not only about ageing, but also social entrepreneurship and the business model that Bihani follows – how it contributes towards society alongside earning their own revenue. I also gained knowledge on social protection, gender and ecology. I also learned that Nepali people are the most humble and I gained amazing friends who I am still in touch with.

Currently, I am working in United Nations Habitat Project as an Analyst Coordinator and provide consultancy to a few social development projects. In my professional life, I love the fact that I can help people and support projects to create a better future for everyone involved. In future, I am looking forward to a reunion with my friends in Nepal in the future and plan to eat mo:mos and green mango.” – Mariana