Manish Pyakurel

My grandfather is a very fun loving person. He is already above 75 years, but he has always been very young at heart. We have always heard that growing old is having a second childhood in life but my grandfather has always had a childlike zest towards life. He gets angry at small things but it also does not take much to make him happy, he enjoys and appreciates the small things in life. He loves his grandchildren a lot and he has always been my friend. He plays different games with me. At the age of 79, he still plays arm wrestling with me. He always likes to make funny faces and take photos with us just to make us happy and be a part of that happiness.

My grandfather has always supported my decisions and has never laughed at me however silly my ideas about life or what my ambitions are. He has always been the best friend with whom I spent my entire childhood and someone who has always supported me through my ups and downs.

My grandfather’s ability to be happy, his innocence and his hard working nature inspires me to be like him. The most important thing that I, and every other person should learn from him is to believe in others along with being able to praise the work they do. I would like to believe I have some of his qualities, if not all. I love my grandparents a lot.