Major Hari Thapa, Bihani Member

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My wife and my retired life is quite busy with our grandchildren and enjoying with our family. Lockdown has given us time to spend with our Chhori (daughter), Jwain (Son-in-law) and grandchildren. We are lucky to be living near a lake which has allowed me to spend time fishing and taking boat rides with the family which does not make us feel like we are in lockdown.

It is important to be patient and keep yourself busy at home during this lockdown by reading books, cleaning, cutting grass or gardening, watching News on TV, cooking and watching cooking videos on YouTube, listening to music, doing exercises, playing with children or learning new things that you are interested in.

My daily routine starts from 5 AM, I drink a cup of hot lemon and honey tea after freshening up and watch BBC, CNN and Aljazeera News on TV. Then I do some light exercises, followed by breakfast, which usually consists of egg, toast and tea. After my meals, I spend time with my grandchildren and help around the house if needed. Before going to bed at night, I watch some news on TV and occasionally I exercise on the treadmill. I have developed a new hobby of watching Pakistani Serials, I am hooked on it because they reflect about what happens day to day in our society. After the lockdown is over, I would like to learn about videography and explore new places where it is safe to go. I would also like to go for fishing and walking which I love. – Major Hari Thapa, Queens Gurkha Engineers, British Gurkha Regiment and Bihani Saathi Ko Saathi & Resource Pool Member.

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