Lumanti Manandhar, Programme Officer

“जै मंगल मुर्ती गणेश, शिव गौरी या क्याए जगत पती I हे रिधी वो सिद्धी पती, झिगु कामना सफल याना बिया दिसं गुरु देव”
“Jai mangala murti Ganesh, Shiva Gauri yaa kyae jagata pati. Hey Ridhi wo Siddhi pati, jhigu kamana safal yana biya disa Guru Dev”

Every day Mayadevi Manandhar – my dearest Bajeymama (Grandmom) recites these lines to Lord Ganesha for our family’s success and prosperity. She is the backbone of our family and has always inspired us with her love to travel and living her life to the fullest. Bajeymama cooks the most delicious dishes and loves us abundantly, bringing all of us together as a family – We are very lucky and grateful to have her in our lives!

Today morning as soon as I woke up, I wished her a happy birthday which brought a bright smile to her face and warmed my heart. On her special day, I would like to pray to God to give her a healthy life ahead. Wishing my dearest Bajeymama (Grandmom) a great year ahead❤