Jet Veldhuis, AIESEC Exchange Participant

Currently living in Utrecht, the Netherlands and studying Master’s in International Relations at the University of Groningen University of Groningen, Jet Veldhuis was engaged in Bihani during her 5 weeks of volunteering through AIESEC Nepal in 2016.

“These days I am writing my thesis, which is about the international approach to tackle the plastic pollution in the ocean, which I think is very interesting. I remember a Tai Chi session and Potluck at Bihani Social Venture with the elderly members the most among the experience I had – I was really impressed to see the positive energy in them and the way they had fun. I also remember going to an old age home, which was kind of a shocking experience for me. In the Netherlands every elderly has their own room and mostly get the care and support they need. But at the old age home where we went in Kathmandu, the residents had to share the room with at least three people in a room with minimal facilities. During my stay in Nepal, I learned a lot about the Nepali culture. But personally, I also learned that I needed to be more assertive and take initiative if I want to contribute something towards the society.” –Jet Veldhuis, AIESEC Exchange Participant