Marisha Shrestha

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InspirationSeries Post dedicated by Marisha Shrestha, a student of Bachelor’s in Community Development in KU School of Art, to her dear Grandfather as part of ‘Caring for Elderly’ Course Work.

“My role model was my grandfather. He instilled in me the feeling that no matter how successful you are you have a responsibility to help others.” – Kevin Johnson

My Buwa (my maternal grandfather), Mr. Lalit Bahadur Baniya was the strongest fighter just like the Bahadur in his name. He was my go to person if anything happened. He would fight with the world for his family. My Buwa was always ready to help those in need, whether it be physically or emotionally. He was always there when people needed him. He was the most cheerful and helpful person in our family as well as in our society. Everyone we knew was fond of him and people called him “okil saab” as he was a lawyer. Just like his profession, in his personal life too he made sure that his near and dear ones got justice and good facilities without any discrimination.

Buwa used to pick me up from the hostel during every occasion and held my hand till we reached home. He used to organise special dinner in the living room and we used to dance, do mimicry, sing and laugh our hearts out. He was my cheerleader; he was always there to clap and dance, even in my smallest achievements, and shed tears of happiness. He used to share his story of how he came to Kathmandu and struggled day and night to earn and become what he wanted to be. He used to listen to my stupid jokes and laugh, listened to all my stories from school life till college. The time when I felt the most connected with him was during the earthquake of 2015. I was in the hostel and he came to pick me up despite of all the chaos, and when we met we hugged each other and cried alot.

We used to have so much fun. Life was different when he was around, we always felt warm and fearless. We knew he was there if anything happened. He was very supportive of all of my decisions, from participating in some beauty pageants to studying subjects which I wanted to. Instead, he would counsel and suggest my mother to support my decisions and my dreams. In the world where people point fingers when girls wore short dresses, participated in beauty pageants and do what they want, my Buwa used to support me with all his heart. He always made sure that I drank water frequently, ate healthy food and did some good exercises.

The biggest message my Buwa left for me is to be hardworking and passionate. He has taught me to help others despite anything. At the same time, he always encouraged me to speak for ourselves because no one else will. Today, people still talk about how helpful and cheerful he always was.Despite the fact that he is no more with us physically, I always feel his presence. He always comes to me in my dream and gives me so much love.❤️

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