Internet Literacy Classes

This service has been introduced keeping in mind the role that internet plays in our lives today along with, the need of our clients to stay connected with their children or relatives online.

Read about our client’s experience and why internet classes are needed.

A Mother’s Experience : How Internet has brought her children closer to her despite the distance – Mrs. Chanchala Thapa, Aged: 62 years



Literature Club

Focusing on the interest of the clients, the literature club will include readings and discussions of Books, Stories, Poetry, Quotations or any other form of literature based on the members’ interest. This will create a forum where like-minded individuals can share their opinion along with also introducing or opening the doors of literature to others as well.

20 September 2013: Book Reading & Interaction with Anil Chitrakar, Author of Take the Lead

20 Sept - Final


Interactions and discussions

This service will include interactions and discussions on various topics amongst the members, or with youth, children or guests. The aim is to create a space where opinions, thoughts and expressions are free flowing along with creating an environment of learning and bonding amongst those present. The decision of the topic and the guests will be dependent on the members and their interests.

The Waiting Eyes: A poem written and recited by Bani Rai during the Safe Sky for Nepal Interaction Session on 16 November 2013