Arnoud Verstraaten, AIESEC Exchange Participant

Bihani Social Venture provided me with the opportunity to submerge myself in the local culture while I was in Nepal in 2016 as an Exchange Participant though AIESEC / AIESEC Nepal. It was a challenging opportunity. I felt incredibly happy while living in Nepal and being around such positive diverse group of people for nearly two months. While I helped out the ladies at Matatirtha Oldage Home with activities like painting their nails and helping at the workshop, there was a nice lady that called me “Govinda”. She was incredibly nice and special. Altogether, I always felt very welcome by all ladies at the Old Age Home. The growth I experienced is immense, mostly due to the sharp contrast in lifestyle and people.

I felt like my personal contribution was limiting, mostly due to my passive behavior during that time. I acknowledged that after my return, which inspired me to set up my own projects and two organizations, one which supports local farmers in Rwanda affected by the genocide by selling coffee in my local region and one which provided volunteering projects over 4 locations across the world, including Brazil, South Africa and Ghana.” –Arnoud Verstraaten

After working in Silicon Valley for a Real Estate crowd funding platform for a year, Arnoud headed back to learn more practical skill sets and improve his learning in finance. He loves learning about how interconnected the world is by learning about global trends and applying obtained knowledge using the skill set he obtained in his other master’s degree in data science. Currently, he’s studying Master student in Finance and in Data Science at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.