Re - Engage, Re - Explore, Re - Live

Nepal's first/ only social enterprise working in the field of ageing.



After attaining a Master’s degree in Media & Communication Management from Middlesex University, London and getting a chance to work as a Campaigner, Communication Intern, Media Reader & Training Consultant besides being involved with organisations like OXFAM and Haemophilia Society, after much contemplation, I decided to come to Nepal. While working with ChangeFusion Nepal supporting social ventures and organizing the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award – the first ever Nepali award of its kind which recognised hidden heroes – I finally got the courage to move out of my comfort zone. It was always my dream to start something of my own and during the course of time I tried to figure out what I really wanted to do. I realised that my fear of ageing had to do with the fact that it is not taken in a very positive manner in our society. There were deeper issues related to ageing and the problems one faces along the way. Over a period of time, I also got to meet a lot of inspiring individuals who were still living their lives despite their age and that is when Bihani took shape. It has been created as a platform to provide the support system that our elders needed, where unfulfilled dreams can take shape or where experiences would find a way beyond individuals through various activities.  At Bihani, we believe that one should re – engage, re – explore and re- live to have a rewarding life till the end.The main thought being, one should have lived their life to the fullest and not let any regrets ruin it.


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I believe that every work we undertake or lead, should grow with happiness and confidence. I am Susmriti Tamang, a National Tai Chi player (Young Dragon Team) and a graduate of Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS). For me ageing is a beautiful step towards life so I feel happy whenever I get a chance to interact with or help elders. I have worked with a couple of elders and I can assure you that, they are the best. As you age you do become physically weaker yet the experiences that we as individuals have to go through makes us mentally stronger. As a Tai Chi Instructor, my work is not just something I have to do but it is also to give elders more strength, power and hope focusing on their overall health and well-being. It always gives me pleasure and makes me feel privileged when I am able to bring change in the lives of those around me. Till date, the best experience both in terms of teaching and learning has been the opportunity to work with an eighty nine years old client. When I come across such inspiring elders I feel that life is indeed full of possibilities and you never know when and who will make you feel proud of what you can contribute.


Samridhi completed her Master of Rehabilitation Counselling from the University of Sydney on being selected by the Australian Government Department of Foreign affairs & Trade (DFAT) for the Australia Awards scholarship. Samridhi is currently based in Nepal making efforts to promote effective inclusion of the ageing/ elderly and disability population through capacity building activities, building evidence and by involving in fundraising/ project development. Samridhi is a scientific based practitioner who has an added advantage of grassroots experience working in diverse rural and remote as well as urban setting. The case story on inclusive sexual and reproductive health care & rights authored by her has been published internationally. She has also recently completed a qualitative research on ‘Exploring Perspectives of People with Disability in Kathmandu on Employment’ funded by the Australian Aid in Nepal. Samridhi frequently writes for national dailies and in discussion forum to highlight issues on ageing and disability to a larger population. Samridhi is a risk taker, a culturally sensitive & dynamic professional.


And here I am. Going through the patches and matches of life, through my experience at Bihani, I am trying to find myself rather than, just creating an idea of who I am. From a Literature and Journalism graduate to Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovations and Ageing, life has expanded my horizon greatly towards every subtleties of the social and business world. In order to bring change, to the dogmas and certainties of ageing as a global issue in the world, a humanly concern has been aroused in me.  Instead of enforcing changes of the uncertain future, living life to its fullest from moment to moment is what tickles me the most now. Connecting every dot and making a path towards infinity is an interesting phenomenon that drives the very process of ageing with dignity. Learning never ceases whatsoever happens. So never give up on life- there are definitely many interesting things waiting to happen, just breathe and experience- the time and surprises are awaiting. To every ‘New Day or Morning (Bihani)’!


Nepal is a developing country with lots of problems. As a student of Development Studies, it is my aim to take these problems as challenge and solve them. At Bihani, we try to solve issues related to ageing using a social enterprise model. Ageing is a topic which fascinates me, there is so much we can learn from our elders. People learn from committing mistakes but smart people learn from others’ mistakes. I am involved in this social enterprise to build my own future by helping others to build theirs, learning from each other and facing every problems as challenge.


I, strongly, believe that people would live a bit longer if they did not know how old they were. Age puts restrictions on different aspects of life and living. But Bihani is there to create positive outlook for those restrictions addressing the problems of our elders and tries to resolve their issues to an optimal level. I am Sabina Karki. I came to Bihani Social Venture right after my high school studies in order to gain experiences I had never before. It has been the motto of Bihani that has attracted me to work more for elders. I believe that elders, too, can live in an environment dancing with new changes in society and enjoy their lives to the fullest.


“Hey friends, wanna be my friend?”

I think I should have been a person like that. But I am a bit different. I am Amit Shakya, currently studying Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) in Nesfield International College. Being a social work student, I want to give my best for the social causes in the society. Bihani Social Venture- this is where I came to know about the social issue of ageing and its beauty. I always like to look out for new ideas and explore new places. I also like photography. So I would like to make people joyful by exploring their interests while bringing positive changes in the society and my own self. To me- elders are analogous to Google where we can explore all the knowledge, ideas and information. I, strongly, feel that we can reach out to the elders for any information and data since they already have the first-hand experiences and can guide the forthcoming generations in the long run.


Am I Prasana? What am I supposed to do in life? What do I really live for?

These were the questions that used to arise in my mind time and again in the past. But now, I have the answers to, at least, satiate from my own level of understanding and belief. I am a first year student of BSW (Bachelors in Social Work) studying at Nesfield International College. And you may all be curious as to know how I found my answers though not a final one. It is all through guidance and exemplifications from the team and inspiring members of Bihani. Here, I am learning many things like idea generations, motivational factors, team work, looking life in more positive manner, being professional in work and many more. And truly, each day is “new” like the morning Sun.


“Along with working with Bihani, I am studying  at the Ace Institute of Management to fulfill my aspiration of becoming an entrepreneur. Being from an academic background of BBA-BI, Bihani as a private company working to address a social problem is a perfect platform for me to be. Ageing is inevitable, but the problems that come along with ageing can be reduced or well managed with suitable support systems in place. Working with Bihani has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to better understand the social perception of ageing and the positive role support systems can play for senior citizens.”


“I am currently undertaking my Bachelor of Social Work studying at the Kathmandu Model College. I have been actively involved as a volunteer through Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). I am interested in traveling, meeting new people, photography and learning new things.  I love working with senior citizens and I am most happy when I can bring a smile on people’s faces.”


“I decided to volunteer with Bihani because I wanted to create any level of impact in the lives of senior citizens. I enjoy listening to their life’s experiences and learn about their outlook to daily life. As a Chartered Accountant, I would have gotten the experience of working in a professional environment anywhere else but the experience I am gaining here is unique and new to Nepal.”


“Ageing to me means living more fascinatingly than before. The way I am living today is completely different than the way I will live after a few years. I believe that if my years now are interesting then my future can be as interesting. I am Aarya, an individual exploring the dimensions of life and ageing according to me, is the most colourful one among them. Observing elders around me, I feel that responsibilities make life complex but it also provides everyone with a chance to create the life they want based on their experiences. I want to age gracefully and create a life of enjoyment. I am a media student who loves interacting and learning. My interactions with elders both at work and otherwise inspire me to learn more and create a life I want.”


Shashwat is a creative artist whose overall work experience has been in Human Resource, Street Promotions, Retail, Accountancy, Public Relations, Video Production, and Journalism. In 2011 he completed his M.A. in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths, University of London. An entrepreneurial track brought along various ideas to represent different art forms on film with an objective to create a synergy between local art, culture, and global online social media. Beyond his entrepreneurial participation, Shashwat started a new journey in 2012 to strengthen his artistic skill and presence. Today, he is also a published poet, a professional photographer and an actor. He received a diploma in theatre and film acting from Barry John Acting Studio and was recently accepted at the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School in New York to pursue further training.


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