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There is a saying that “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying”. I believe that it is those individuals who work hard, believe in themselves and do not give up easily are the ones who enjoy their life to the fullest. And I fall in this category. Ageing is not a bad thing or end of life. It is the issue of mind; if you do not mind being old it does not matter at all. You can fulfill your dreams or follow your interests at any age because our heart is never too old to do anything. I am Susmita Rajopadhya, student of Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) who thinks no one is too old to set another goal or to dream new dream. I feel sad when I see individuals throw their parents out of their life and send them to old age homes because they want privacy and are busy with their life. We should all think of our parents who have brought us up, given us time, care and love despite their busy life. No one deserves or wants to be lonely and depressed and that is why we all should take time out for our elders.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself. It is not about where we are but where you stand.”I am Aayusha Thapa currently studying BBA-BI in Ace Institute of Management. Being a business student, I want to be an entrepreneur along with, giving back to the society. Bihani is a platform where I have learned most of the things and a good platform for me to grow as an individual. You can learn about entrepreneurship, social impact and how it helps the society. You get to lead a group and work on that as well. Ageing is inevitable, but the problems that come along with it can be reduced to replenish the joy of life of the senior citizens. I wanted to be a part of that joy which Bihani has given me the right experience. This opportunity has led me to a better understanding of life.


The reason why I joined Bihani is because I just love the vibe of it. Before, I used to attend events hosted by Bihani as a guest and I felt very welcomed and felt a positive vibe. After working here, it made me think and feel that ageing can be difficult to go through if one doesn’t know how to accept it and deal with it. In Bihani, there are many senior members who are still very active and have desire to do a lot in their lives. It is very inspiring and motivating to see and learn from them. Since I joined Bihani, I have learned many things. We often take our loved ones for granted and tend to be a little carefree and don’t give attention to them after working. At Bihani, I have started realizing that it’s even harder for parents who have become widow/widower. Yes, ageing can be challenging. However, you should not think that you are old and can’t do anything. You are still a valuable member of the society and can give back to your family and community.


Narayan Agasti is a student of Bachelor of Social Work studying in Kathmandu Model College, Balkumari, Lalitpur. His stream of study includes English, Nepali, Social Work and Rural Development  Narayan has also been actively involved as a volunteer through Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN). Interested in traveling, meeting new people, photography and learning new things, his aim is to bring a change in the society by helping others. Narayan is most happy when he is able to bring a smile on people’s faces.



After living my life all these years, out of the many things I have learnt so far, out of the experiences I have had and heard, I found out that by doing things – I may be able to earn money and a lot of other superficial things, but satisfaction? Satisfaction, is something that can only be earned through hard work and doing things not only for me but for others as well. With that thought in my mind, I set forth in a quest of called life where I, Sagol Ghale Gurung could help those who actually needed it along with gaining some experience which could also contribute to my career as a professional Chartered Accountant in the future. By volunteering in Bihani, I got the experience of working in a professional environment, but unlike other organizations, I also got to help in impacting the senior citizens who have lived to tell the tales which can help me in my contributions for greater good.


Ageing to me means living more fascinatingly than before. The way I am living today is completely different than the way I will live after a few years. I believe that if my years now are interesting then my future can be as interesting. I am Aarya, an individual exploring the dimensions of life and ageing according to me, is the most colourful one among them. Observing elders around me, I feel that responsibilities make life complex but it also provides everyone with a chance to create the life they want based on their experiences. I want to age gracefully and create a life of enjoyment. I am a media student who loves interacting and learning. My interactions with elders both at work and otherwise inspires me to learn more and create a life I want.


“Trusting yourself is the foremost priority in any great person’s life.” I believe life is a journey, full of adventures like a game and the different phases of being born – young and old are its different levels. Remember how games get tougher and tougher after you win every level? Ageing to me is something like that. The more you age, the tougher your life becomes but at the same time you get to know life enough, to live it peacefully. I am Aakanshya Regmi, a student of +2 who believes in living my life to its fullest and in doing things that my heart longs for. This is why I love working in any way I can help others!


“Everyone has to get old one day. Aging is not a problem but it is a way of gaining more experiences and potentiality.” I am Prabigya Manandhar, a Bachelor’s in Social Work Student with interests in painting, singing, reading books and travelling to different places. The elders in my life are individuals who have helped me get on the right path as they know more about life than I do. The phase we are going through right now has already been crossed by them and they can guide in the best possible manner. They are the ones who have taught me to overcome any problem with courage, confidence and also to live my life with joy.


“At twenty people worry about what others think about them, at forty they don’t care about what others think about them, at sixty they discover that they have not been thinking about them at all.” I am Pratiksha Gautam, a Bachelor’s in Social Work Student who believes in creativity and I love to support elders with young minds – I believe that after all, you are only as old as you think you are. I am interested in reading, handicrafts and mass communication. Elders are a store house of knowledge based on their experiences about family and life in all aspects including philosophical which they can impart to the younger generation. Our grandparents or elders are quite different than us because of the lives they have led and they have beautiful stories that they can share with us. With time they also become a source of reliable and well tested information. Our elders are the ones who love us unconditionally and guide us on the right path. We as the younger generation can learn from their mistakes and what they did right.


“You don’t stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing.” I am Shreesha Shakya, a Bachelor in Social Work student who loves to help people, create new ideas, enjoys painting and travelling. It is paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, while the idea of getting old does is not appealing to many of us. Sometimes the younger generations tend to think of elders as a burden or a problem and fail to realise that they are actually a support system who can provide solutions for our problems based on their experiences. Personally, I would love to get to know as many elders as I can, taking in their experiences, knowledge and learning so that I can age in the most positive manner.


“Some people no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty they merely move it from their faces into their hearts”. I am Ashish Baniya, currently studying Bachelor’s in Social Work at Kathmandu Model College. I am interested in playing basketball, listening to music and travelling. We should not think that people become weak as they grow older. In fact, everyone is beautiful for their age.


Shashwat is a creative artist whose overall work experience has been in Human Resource, Street Promotions, Retail, Accountancy, Public Relations, Video Production and Journalism. In 2011 he completed his M.A. in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmiths, University of London. An entrepreneurial track brought along various ideas to represent different art forms on film with an objective to create a synergy between local art, culture and global online social media. Beyond his entrepreneurial participation, Shashwat started a new journey in 2012 to strengthen his artistic skill and presence. Today, he is also a published poet, a professional photographer and an actor. He received a diploma in theatre and film acting from Barry John Acting Studio and was recently accepted at the prestigious Actors Studio Drama School in New York to pursue further training.


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