Bihani is a social venture or social enterprise born out of the need to create a positive outlook to life and living meaningfully. Our focus is on individuals who want to re- engage, re – explore and re – live a new beginning or create a rewarding second half of their lives based on their past experiences. The aim is to provide a platform for our elders/members to share their experiences along with learning from each other, making sure that they are able to bring about a difference in theirs as well as others’ lives. Bihani’s objectives are:

  • To provide services and support to citizens (especially above fifty years of age but not limited to it) to lead a social and fruitful life through interactions with like-minded individuals and organisations
  • To address the issues of loneliness, dependency and loss of confidence amongst our members caused due to migration or due to the busy lifestyle of other family members
  • To change the traditional mindset of both children and parents along with others that growing older is a positive and not negative process through their active involvement in various activities
  • To provide a platform which will engage our members to impact socially by contributing their expertise or ideas in various spheres of society by connecting them to organisations or individuals in need
  • To explore the potential and interests of our members in order to make them realize their dreams through the services and support  we provide


According to the National Population and Housing Census 2011 Report published in November 2012 by the Central Bureau of Statistics Kathmandu, the total population of Nepal is 26,494,504. Out of the total population, 3,978,149 or 15% comprises of citizens above fifty years of age. In recent years, there have been changes occurring not only due to age and livelihood but also due to easy global mobility of youths and earning population leaving behind empty homes and ageing parents or elders. In the near future, a huge number of the currently active population may face a similar vacuum or activity less life therefore, the services that Bihani intends to provide is an investment into our active, productive and happy elderly life.

Most of us are what we are because of our parents and elders but at times, we seem to forget that we need to encourage them to live their lives, the same way they made us live ours. Based on personal experience, we are of the opinion that once individuals start ageing, they stop socializing, slowly losing confidence and becoming dependent. These are individuals with a lot of potential and experience which starts getting confined within the comfort zone of their homes. Bihani aims to ensure that the potential, aspiration and experience of our members do not go a waste.  It also provides an opportunity for the children and others to make their parents or elders experience a social and rewarding life where they can continue contributing and living without any barriers.


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  2. shyam shrestha

    it”s great job ! please try to contact with national senior citizens federation ,shankhamul ,lalitpur.ph. no.o15260347.it will make a sense of co partnership in different aspect.thanks !

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