Aarya Adhikari, Past Team Member

“My three years of work experience in Bihani has impacted my life a lot in both professional and personal ways. I am grateful to Bihani for every attribute of my professional growth. I was raw. I had never taken the aspects of ageing seriously before I was involved in Bihani. I had little idea about the dimensions of ageing but now that I have learned a lot, I try and inculcate it in my daily life. My father is 71 years now. Retirement from office did not retire his motivation and energy. Sometimes he is agitated with life and with us too. If I had not been with Bihani, I would have never learnt the ways to deal with him.”

“I was an active part of the Membership Department so I have seen myself and Bihani grow simultaneously. Bihani had volunteers in the beginning, I was one too. After they started hiring, I became a part their core team. My first internet class was for Santosh Devi Aunty who was very keen to learn about technology and receiving a birthday voice message for my 20th birthday from her, will always remain one of my most cherished memories. It felt so good when I realized that the classes I gave her had made her more techno savvy.”

Aarya Adhikari, a student of MA in English and Literature is also, currently working at – Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) as their Human Rights’ Documentation Officer. “College is fun. It is a hub for different age groups to come together and learn. I am the youngest in my class and the oldest is in his early 50s. My class is multigenerational. My current job is like a stairway to many other correlated and bigger opportunities. Every day I learn new terms, laws, news which has history of past 30 years of Human Rights movement in Nepal. Since my work place is always open to groom a new face, I enjoy being here. Right now I am experiencing a different sector of work.”

“It is never too late to learn or start anything so I might get involved in social enterprises in the future. Bihani has a self-sustaining module which is different than many other organizations working in the social field. It is the only social enterprise I have worked in. Working here, always taught me to reach targets and retain credibility. Bihani has made me what I am today. I got exposed to challenges which I tackled with confidence with constant support and guidance from the organisation and the founder. I will always have heart full of gratitude for Bihani Social Venture.” – Aarya Adhikari, Former Membership and Communication Officer